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decision-making worksheet - what will I lose if I give up the Finnegan, the NICU admission, the call to CPS
Breastfeeding Recommendations for Women Impacted by Opioid Use Disorder and Infants with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
Kratom and CBD in Pregnancy: Potential Newborn Outcomes

The use of Kratom and CBD by expectant mothers is a continued subject of study as we seek to understand the effects that these substances may have on babies. Host Jill Beck is joined by Maureen Shogan, MN RNC, to discuss these substances in detail. Maureen is currently the Clinical Director for a National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) project on developing Neonatal Abstinence curriculum for mobile devices. Listen along to familiarize yourself with Kratom and CBD, and how these substances may impact mothers and babies in your NICU or Mother Baby Unit.
COVID-19 in the NICU: Impact on Shared Decision Making

In May of 2020, NANN released a joint position statement with the National Perinatal Association titled Mothers with COVID-19 and Their Newborn Infants. In this episode, Jill is joined by the author of the position statement, Tiffany Moore, PhD RN, to expand on the unique challenge of creating a culture of shared decision making between the mother and clinical team during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tiffany, whose research focuses on reducing chronic stress in mom and baby, will guide listeners through how to best support parents and babies during these stressful times.
Provider Clinical Support System

PCSS provides evidence-based training and resources to give healthcare providers the knowledge they need for treating OUD (opioid use disorder).
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