We care about you and how you're doing.

This website is created by people who use drugs (PWUD) for people who use drugs.

We are committed to creating a community where people who are pregnant or parenting, and using substances are supported and validated and loved.

We know that navigating the health care, child welfare, and criminal systems can be traumatizing and exhausting. But we want you to know that


There is a community of parents and providers who can help.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, that's ok. But don't give up. Ask for help.

It’s all too easy to be extremely tough on ourselves; we need – at points – to get better at self-compassion. Here is an exercise from the School of Life on how to lessen the voices of self-flagellation
and learn to appreciate the role of self-care in a good and fruitful life. 
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Why Harm Reduction? It's a Way Forward.
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Hear what motivates our community from our colleagues at National Harm Reduction Coalition
National Harm Reduction Coalition - Harm Reduction Truth
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See the toolkit we created with our colleagues at National Harm Reduction Coalition
Pregnancy and Substance Use:
A Harm Reduction Toolkit 
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Resources for When You're Struggling

We have used these resources and know that they can help.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

 Crisis Text Line  Text 741741. Crisis Text Line is free,

24/7 support for those in crisis.You can text from anywhere in the US

to text with a trained Crisis Counselor.

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)

National Helpline
1-800-662-HELP (4357)

Treatment referral and information, 24/7.

Suicide Prevention starts with a conversation we're not having on our mental health due to Stigma.
The first step to breaking that silence is dispelling stigmas of fear, judgement, and shame about our internal experiences.
We achieve that by proclaiming It's Ok Not To Be Ok!

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The information on this site and in our presentations is offered as public health education.

It does not replace getting individualized care with licensed medical professionals.

The purpose of Harm Reduction is not to encourage or condone the use of substances.

Our purpose is to educate patients and providers so they can make informed decisions.


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