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Glyceria Tsinas QMHA


From 2016-2018, Ria was co-chair of the National Perinatal Association’s family toolkit workgroup and co-chair of the 2018 conference planning committee.


Ria volunteered in direct service syringe access for the People’s Harm Reduction Alliance from 2010-2015, and served on the Board of directors from 2017-2019.


She has worked in both the public and private sectors of syringe access - most notably as an education specialist for King County Public Health in Seattle, WA.


Ria also served as a residential counselor at Downtown Emergency Service Center, as well as the YWCA Angeline’s drop in and winter response shelter in Seattle.


Ria’s work has been highlighted in publications such as Undark, Filter, and the Daily (University of Washington student newsletter). She is a peer reviewer for the American Journal of Public Health.


And a long, long time ago she was a southwestern archaeologist.

Ria works tirelessly to push back on antiquated narratives about drug use and parenting. Her dynamic and unique blend of equal parts harm reduction professional and drug war survivor posit her to create grounded yet innovative solutions to complex problems. 


Ria spends the majority of her days working at a non-profit syringe exchange program in Portland, OR.


When not working she chases around her daughter Lola. Together they love going on outdoor adventures, musicals, cracking sarcastic jokes, and talking about the coolest thing there is to be on earth - Kind.

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