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Pregnancy and Substance Use: A Harm Reduction Toolkit

UPDATED in October 2022

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We want to promote the overall health and wellbeing 
of pregnant people who use substances and their families.
We created this resource for pregnant and parenting people who use drugs, their loved ones, and their service providers.
You can use this information to understand your rights, access services, and find high-quality, evidence-based care.

This toolkit was a special collaboration with National Harm Reduction Coalition.

If you are an agency or provider who is interested in creating a toolkit for your community, email Erika at
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¡Ahora en español!

Nuestro objetivo es promover la salud y el bienestar generales de las personas embarazadas que consumen sustancias y sus familias. 

Estos materiales pueden compartirse con miembros de la familia y proveedores de servicio para comenzar a tener conversaciones importantes acerca de sus planes, esperanzas, objetivos y sueños.  

Si usted es una agencia o proveedor que está interesado en crear un conjunto de herramientas para su comunidad, envíe un correo electrónico a Erika a
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See how this toolkit can be adapted for your community:
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These sections consist of content that was originally created in collaboration with the National Harm Reduction Coalition for those living in New York state. We have adapted this material for a national audience. 
See the original toolkit here

Table of Contents
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Section I:
How to Use
These Materials
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Section II:
Quality Perinatal Care is Your Right
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Section III:
Harm Reduction
tobacco and nicotine.png
Tobacco and Nicotine
opioid overdose in pregnancy_APHR.png
Opioid Overdose
and Pregnancy
HR for parents.png
Harm Reduction Strategies for Parents
These resources were created by Academy of Perinatal Harm Reduction and are free for our community.

Principles_Perinatal Harm Reduction.png
Principles of Perinatal Harm Reduction
UDT_What Does Pee Tell You.png
UDT: What Does Pee Tell You? Not A Lot
Use Your BRAIN.png
Making Healthcare Decisions
your rights_download.png
Know Your Rights
my pregnancy_worksheet.png
My Pregnancy worksheet
National Toolkit_Rights.png
Your Rights as a Pregnant Patient and PWUD
pic_My Birth Plan.png
My Birth Plan worksheet
APHR_drug interactions_newest.png
Drug Interactions
Welcome poster.png
Welcome poster
Welcome parents poster.png
Welcome poster
principled provider_image.png
What Good Providers Believe
Harm Reduction flowchart.png
Using Harm Reduction with Clients
Pregnancy and Substance Use: A Harm Reduction Toolkit webinars
Pregnancy and substance Use_Harm Reducti

Introduction to the Toolkit

An introduction to  Pregnancy and Substance Use: A Harm Reduction Toolkit with:

birth workers_HRC webinar.png

Birth Workers

How Pregnancy and Substance Use: A Harm Reduction Toolkit can enhance the work of birth workers, including the doula community.

programs_HRC webinar.png

Programs On the Ground

Join us to hear from the badass harm reductionists on the ground working with (and as) parenting and pregnant people who people who use drugs. We'll highlight folks centering the health and dignity of people who use drugs and discuss how the toolkit can be used at your program.


Reckoning with the Drug War: A Healing Circle

We are joined by parents and advocates who have experienced and witnessed the depth of harm created by the racist War on Drugs. This will be a space for attendees to share and heal with our panelists.

  • Kelly Knight, UCSF

  • Kacey Byczek

  • Nathalia Gibbs

  • Dinah Ortiz-Adames

  • Megan McKenzie

  • Marilyn Reyes

  • Monique Tula, National Harm Reduction Coalition

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